Web Security

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a website security certificate.

In order for any data submitted through a webpage to reach its destination, it has to be sent over the internet. Without secure SSL certificates, it’s possible for even an inexperienced hacker to intercept that data.

One of the major problems with buying an SSL certificate cheap is that you risk getting one that isn’t recognized by browsers. If the user’s browser doesn’t recognize the company that issued your security certificate, SSL 128 bit encryption isn’t going to matter. It might exist, but if a browser doesn’t trust it, your user won’t either.

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SiteLock is a simple and effective cloud-based security solution built specially for Small and Medium Businesses. It protects the database where sensitive information is stored, scans your website files and applications, protects from data breaches and spreading of viruses/malware.

SiteLock also has a repoting portal/dashboard, which gives information to protect your site, such as advices on security lapses, information on malware and vulnerability, amongst others. You can decide to add a SiteLock badge to your site, to inform your customers about the security service you have on your website.

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